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January 2024

"Aligning with your purpose in this season is critical.  What's in you is needed for someone else's survival, and for your blessing!  Don't let your seed of purpose die because it's unfruitful, don't let it stay buried any longer.  You are meant for greatness!" 
Purpose Activation & Leadership Development Coach
Michelle L. Allen   

Leadership Presentation



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What is the vision for your Church/Ministry?

We will help you to get clarity of your vision and assist you in implementing strategies to run with it step by step.

As the body of Christ we should be constantly working to improve our  capabilities to influence and impact the people around us.

Get in touch to learn more.


Meeting the needs of the Church & Local Community through Small groups.

In todays changing climates, we as a nation(USA), the Church and as indivdual family units are facing challenging times.  How do we as the church meet the needs of those in our congregations, as well as as our local communities?  

We will help you to recognize the needs in your congregation and Local community, create small groups  and create evangelistic strategies to effectively make impact.


knowing who labors among you!

We tend to struggle as a Church because sometimes Leaders get burned out and overwhelmed.  We will help you to motivate and stir up your current leadership team. Help you to recognize and raise up new Leaders in your midst through Purpose Activation teaching and coaching.


Church Systems, Processes and Accountability!

We should be constantly working to improve our Church Systems for membership, visitor information and follow up.  We must also improve upon our Financial stewardship, as a church organization and individually as believers.  We will help you put efficient and effective systems in place to help you monitor and retain new converts, membership participation and financial accountability.  Get in touch.

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